About Vendor Directory Pro

Build custom professional directory websites with Vendor Directory Pro. Whether you’re a beginner or professional developer, you can easily and quickly adjust design settings and upload your own logos and images to properly establish your brand.

Our Vendor Directory Pro website is ready to accept members from day one. Quickly create different membership plans, import new members, manage existing members and customize form fields to collect the information you want from your members

Our all-in-one payment processing solution allows you to seamlessly link your Vendor Directory Pro website to your favorite payment gateway such as PayPal Websites Payments Pro or Authorize.net. Easily manage all of your member subscriptions, transactions, and past-due payments from one place. It’s all built in and included at no additional cost

With Vendor Directory Pro you are able to collect newsletter subscribers and send emails to your contact lists. Visitors can easily subscribe themselves to your weekly/monthly newsletters and you can schedule campaigns to be sent at specific times

Your site will attract visitors who want to contact your members – we call these inquiries LEADS. Your site will start to generate many leads which you can sell to your members. The included lead generation tools are automated, requiring very little time and management

The speed of your directory will determine its success. We’ve pulled out all the stops to provide you with optimized and secure hosting. Using the latest hosting technologies, our server management team continuously works to ensure optimal speeds and security.

We’re in this together. Here’s how it works.

10% of What you make in Vendor Directory Pro. Only when you make money.

1. Get your directory built with Vendor Directory Pro

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2. Run your business

You own the relationship with your customers, members and your clients combined. Forget about updates, maintenance and security! we’ve got this.

3. Enjoy the Revenue

We charge you for 10% of the revenue you make through Vendor Directory Pro. We take care of payment gateway fees and minimize fraud. Simple.

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